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Dr Kreuzer Rechtsanwälte announce the addition of English and Italian versions of their monthly Kreuzer Tip newsletter to their website.

Dr Günther Kreuzer explains that this is a natural progression. “Offering the 'Kreuzer tip' in the three working languages of the firm, namely German, English and Italian, just makes sense and exemplifies the international capabilities of the firm”. The 'Kreuzer tip' offers valuable insight into legal issues, important for both the firm's business clients and those clients seeking services as private individuals.

Dr Kreuzer, as one of the founders of the international legal network ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS, is constantly seeking ways to increase the firm’s expertise and global reach, and the addition of the multi-lingual approach to his own website, is a way to provide more information for his clients, both in Germany and farther afield.

Look for the relaunch of his Kreuzer Tip international versions, soon.

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