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For 25 years the group ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS has existed, founded by Nuernberg Lawyer Dr. Guenther Kreuzer with the goal of connecting law firms around the world. The idea began in the mid 80s as globalization began to take hold. It would become important for German firms doing international business to have support in that business. So, networks began to be created and German businesses began to engage in international business. In 1992 in conjunction with a British partner firm and a few European firms, the formal network was founded. Later, firms from outside the EU were added and over the years the group has continued to grow. For Kreuzer, it has become easy to offer international services to his clients, aided with the advances in technology, the internet, legal data banks, telecommunications, etc. Today, the group has 34 partner firms, over 1200 legal personnel in 30 countries including the US, China, Argentina and Spain. With his eye on the future, founder Kreuzer hopes to fill the gaps in the membership with additional high-quality member firms.

This year, Kreuzer will host the Annual General Meeting of the group from 22-25 June, 2017 at the Heimatsministerium in Nuernberg. This year he will also host an International Legal Fair on 23 June. From 11:00-14:00 interested parties will have the opportunity to meet with our members and get information on business and legal issues in the countries they are interested in.

Feel free to contact us for details.

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