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13-15 September, 2019. The city of Budpest, Hungary was the site of the ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS 2019 AGM. Member firms gathered over the weekend of September 13-15, to reconnect with each other and take advantage of the opportunity to share ideas, experience and updates with their fellow members.

Szabi Kovacs, of Kazmer Kovacs Law Firm, Budapest, put together an event that provided a wonderful mix of history and culture. The AGM was held in the culturally rich Budapest Bar Association and the 2-day meeting had many highlights.

ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS were pleased to welcome Mr. Ákos Berzétei, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, who gave a very interesting and informative presentation on the development of the current economic status of Hungary, its growth and current economic strategy. He took questions from our members and continued discussions while sharing our midday lunch break in the dining room of the impressive historic building.

At the AGM, three presentations from members of the ij group. Tony Chau, of the firm Ho, Wong, Wong Solicitors and Notaries, Hong Kong, reported the status of developments in Hong Kong, giving a most interesting perspective of both the legal and social implications of the present unrest from a resident. Domenic Pini of the London based firm Pini Franco LLP, shared a history of Brexit and brought an update on where the country and Brexit are at present, although as he advised and as has proven the case, the situation was very fluid and is subject to change. And after giving the ij members a brief summary of the history of his firm, the AGM host, Szabi Kovacs spoke on the realities of practicing law in Budapest, with a view of the changing regulations and the challenges of providing legal services in an ever-evolving system.

The ij members shared best practice, pain points and commonalities during the meeting, and over two organized dinners, were reminded of the value of having both strong professional and strong personal relationships, which not only enrich their lives, but result in increased value to their clients.

ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS thanks Szabi Kovacs, Kazmer Kovacs Law Firm, and all who helped organize the event and look forward to meeting the fellow members again in 2020.

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