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Our statement

Daar Law firm is committed to delivering a deal experience that creates value for our clients; a top service level with the benefits of a smaller firm; demonstrating excellence and leadership within our practice areas; maintain a first class level competence within our practice areas in our jurisdiction; upholding the highest professional and business ethics; recruiting and retaining the best professional and other staff; respecting our natural and social environment; and promoting diversity and fairness in our team and business relationships.

Daar Law firm provides its expertise with a no-nonsense approach to business clients whether it’s in deals or disputes. We advise many high-profile international clients daily on a wide range of matters in several industrial sectors. We negotiate most types of contracts, whether it is to enter into a long-term agreement or settling the termination of one.

We litigate on behalf of international clients in commercial disputes in both courts and in international arbitrations. Success in litigation is as much about tactics, initiative, and pedagogic ability, as of knowledge about the law. Based on the client’s business interests, we assess the best way forward, both before and during a litigation process. We have helped Swedish and international clients in many large litigation proceedings throughout the years.

Key contacts

Magnus Daar

Daar Advokatbyrå AB

Algatan 1
134 40 Gustavsberg

+46 70 886 81 61
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