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Our statement

Dr. Wallentin and Partners consists of six colleagues - three partners and three in-house lawyers - and four employees.

The firm has a strong international orientation and represents various firms, major companies and high-net-worth individuals.

The firm is located in the heart of Vienna, in its first district. Within the first year of the firm's existence Dr. Wallentin represented a party in one of the largest arbitrations in media in the history of Austria.

Another case in which we achieved considerable successe was the adaptation of national law to European law due to the increase in the formation of "front" companies in Austria. Dr. Wallentin also represented the former chief executive of a trade union-owned bank, which was later bought by Cerebus Capital Management, who was charged with embezzling 1.7 billion euros.

Apart from his legal work, Dr. Wallentin is a columnist in one of the most widely circulated newspapers worldwide in relation to country size (around 3.2 million readers). In his weekly full-page column, he deals mostly with political and socially relevant issues.

Key contacts

Dr. Tassilo Wallentin


Gonzagagasse 14
A-1010 Vienna

+43 (1) 533 36 95​
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